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    The world of mystery shopping has expanded to nearly all areas of consumer-based businesses, as a means of improving the quality, compliance and reliability of products and services offered to the public. It’s become a thriving industry that has played an integral part in helping companies and large conglomerates boost their bottom line, as well as generate revolving income for repeat mystery shoppers.


    Becoming a mystery shopper is a fantastic way to “grow your pocket,” while engaging with familiar brands and businesses that you already shop on a regular basis. Rather than referring to mystery shopping as a “job,” it’s motivating to understand that this particular field is, in fact, a valuable resource available to anyone excited about accumulating additional income and/or incentives, such as redeemable gift cards, free samples and comped meals. While each assignment can vary greatly, regarding submission and deadline requirements, it’s incredibly important to familiarize yourself with the fine print to reap the financial benefits that mystery shopping can produce.


    One of the greatest rewards in choosing to become a mystery shopper is the flexibility offered to those individuals needing to generate income without the hassle of a typical 9-5 regimen. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, student or bogged down by your primary source of income, the addition of mystery shopping opportunities worked into your daily, weekly or monthly schedule is a sure-fire way to grow your pocket without the added stress of committing specified hours to another employer. When you’re ready and available to work, simply accept a mystery shopping assignment suited to your tastes and needs.


    For those excited to take the next step in becoming your own boss, mystery shopping has the potential to become a lucrative opportunity that will test your organizational skills, as well as your eye for detail. In most instances, the freedom of scheduling and fulfilling multiple assignments, while applying excellent time-management skills allows for increasing your earnings even further. Grow Your Pocket™ will become an essential tool in helping you to achieve this, as we will assist you in organizing your approach to these opportunities, which in turn will maximize your time and financial gain.


    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mystery shopping is contract work that allows qualified mystery shoppers to work independently for market research companies, while fulfilling specific guidelines included in the shop description. Mystery shopping assignments can range from simple shops, such as popping into a local convenience store to more involved shopping and reporting tasks. Businesses from banks, retail shops and eateries to car dealerships and even airline travel are only a sliver of the potential possibilities that will grow your pocket exponentially.


    Regarding specific examples of what is required of a mystery shopper, the details may vary greatly between tasks, but be prepared to engage with salespeople, while remaining discreet about the overall purpose of your visit. You may be required to take photos and/or video to document your experience, as well as complete a written report (in many instances) that covers the details of your interactions and/or quality of products and services. Remember to read the fine print for each shopping assignment and submit your completed work as requested.


    Investing your time and resources will prove rewarding once you become established within the Mystery Shopping community. Shops can vary greatly, in regards to time requirements and reporting. Some may offer a quick monetary return, while most mystery shopping companies may take anywhere from 30-60 days. Researching each job's specific requirements and pay schedules, as well as asking shop-specific questions are imperative steps before committing to a job.


    The Grow Your Pocket™ team is here to help guide you through the Mystery Shopping world and to prepare you for success as an independent contractor. Learning industry-tested tips and tricks from veteran shoppers is an invaluable tool that will certainly enhance your experience as a Mystery Shopper. We will help you to avoid the pitfalls of making easily avoidable mistakes that have the potential to delay your payment or disqualify you from receiving any compensation altogether. Even if you're a seasoned shopper, our service will act as a pillar of support to ease the burden of tackling multiple shops and routes, while helping you streamline your process for quicker monetary returns.

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